William D. Hobbs

The nineteenth century saw the development of great American landscape and seascape traditions. Spreading out from the Catskill region of New York, this artistic style of realism became known as the Hudson River School. It is upon this historic foundation that William Hobbs builds his painting style.

The content of William’s work is driven by his fascination for the natural world. As both a trained biologist and outdoor enthusiast, his art is the product of many hours observing the world around him.  Sketching and painting is another way that he explores the intricacies of nature.  A common theme in his paintings is moving water – from rolling ocean waves to flowing forest streams and waterfalls.  He also loves to depict living, growing trees in all stages and seasons. Painting is a source of relaxation and escape.  While painting, he finds himself reliving his excursion into nature: hiking through a stream, wading in the surf or deep snow, climbing rocks, or peering through tree branches. The final painting is an expression of explorations.

After experimenting with various media, William found the time-tested method of oils on canvas to be the most effective means of capturing the facets of nature.   He sketches his subjects and uses a camera to record structural and color data for reference and back in the studio, he explores various options of the composition with pencil and sketchpad first and when satisfied, sketches the main elements of the composition directly onto the blank canvas.  The painting itself is entirely brushwork, often using multiple layers of paint, often modifying the composition as he paints.  Although he enjoys painting outdoors in the fresh air, his slow and meticulous painting style is best suited for working in the studio.

Over the years, William’s work has been exhibited in many nationally recognized shows including Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square, Armonk Outdoor Art Show, the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival, the Bethesda Row Art Show and shows at Bruce Museum in Greenwich CT.  He has had solo-exhibitions at the Dutot Museum, the Auradell Gallery, and the Century Club of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He has won awards at the MT. Gretna Art Festival, the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival, and the Buck Falls Art Show, as well as at many smaller local exhibitions. Currently, his works are on exhibit at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT, where in 2016 he won the Rudolph J. Schaefer III Emerging Artist Award in the International Marine Art Exhibition; the Shawnee Gallery and the Morgan Gallery in the Pocono Mountain region, PA; the Sheldon Fine Art Gallery in the Newport, Rhode Island and Naples, Florida locations. His work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States as well as in France and Germany, including the collections of Sanofi Pasteur, Portland Steel, the Weiler Corporation, and Vigon International.


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