Franco Salas Borquez

Franco Salas Borquez was born in 1979 - Prize of the Institute of History and Maritime Culture of Spain - Naval Museum of Madrid in 2010, Congratulatory letter from the Minister of Defense - Musée de la Marine of Paris, Palais Chaillot, in 2011 and 2014.

The work of Franco Salas Borquez is the fruit of his conscious and unconscious reflexion faced with the world and the amoral contact of nature beyond the dichotomy of good and evil. It is thus almost naturally and instinctively that the painter develops his work through the theme of raging seas. When he paints, Franco uses his intuition to carry out gestures full of force and tension. He expresses his artistic freedom amidst all this revolt and gradually the sea becomes alive, the waves cry out like souls. Then, the creative agitation makes way for patience. Such meditation enables one to feel the intensity of the moment.

The final step of the painting is a sort of new beginning. The artist detaches himself from his fears and the rigour of his technique. With these last gestures, he draws the strength of the wind which frees the sea from its own anger. Through the artist’s poetic and unusual language, we discover painting as a creative and destructive force where only beauty can be saved.


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  • Naval Museum of Madrid – 2010
  • Museum of the Citadel of Saint Tropez – 2013
  • Yacht Club of France, Paris – 2013
  • Roterdam Maritime Museum, Netherlands – 2016