About Icon Galeria

The Icon Galeria, LLC, is an art gallery based in the historic Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia, and specializes in modern maritime paintings, and antique manuscripts, maps, and nautical charts. We represent a variety of modern painters such as Patrick O’Brien, Anna and Andrew Orlinski, Isil Ozisik, and Franco Salas-Borquez; the majority of our paintings represent historical marine battles of the United States, as well as depictions of local Alexandria, Washington D.C., and the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River. We also offer private commissions from several of our artists.

Our antique maps and nautical charts can date back to the 1540s, and range from world maps to individual countries, regions, and States from the USA. We specialize in rare, unique maps that hold a distinctive place in history, and we pride ourselves in finding such pieces. In addition, we love the challenge of finding new works; if you are looking a specific time period, place, or cartographer, bring your search to us and we will do our best to help you find it. We also offer several reproduction maps of original pieces that are no longer in the gallery.

In addition, the Galeria offers original, rare manuscripts, ranging in age, and subject: we have experience with singular books, atlases, book sets, original documents, and original signatures. If you are looking for a particular antique document, we would be happy to assist in your search.

The Galeria offers a range of framing services, which can include our UV protected glass, acid-free matting, and museum-quality moulding, ensuring your work of art is well protected and displayed. Our custom creations allows us to create frames that fit your works of art at almost any size.